Yes Prop 20

Vote Yes on Proposition 20 / No on Proposition 27

On November 2, California voters will have a choice to make:

We can protect and extend voter-approved redistricting reforms that hold politicians accountable through fair and competitive elections OR return to the days when legislators drew districts to guarantee their own reelection so they weren’t accountable to voters.  

The choice is clear, by voting Yes on Proposition 20 and No on Proposition 27 voters will:

  Have a real voice in elections and can hold politicians accountable.

  Be able to vote politicians who don’t do their jobs out of office!  Go check out available teacup pigs for sale

The broad, diverse and growing list of organizations and individuals supporting Prop. 20 and opposing Prop. 27 may not normally agree on much, but they have come together because they believe it is important to stop this blatant politician power grab so we can finally hold our politicians accountable through fair elections. 

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